Foam Surfboards 

Soft top surfboards made of high-quality foam construction are the ideal option for both those learning to surf and experienced riders in need of some extra volume on smaller wave days. Our Classico 2.0 Series foam surfboards are an excellent choice for riders of all ability levels. These boards provide a unique blend of stability, buoyancy, and ease of control, making them ideal for mastering the basics of surfing or for just having a blast in small surf with a higher volume board designed to increase your wave count.  

The Aventuras Classico 2.0 foam surfboard series offers best-in-class grip performance, giving you the flexibility to use minimal wax to save time and hit the water or apply a full coat to achieve maximum tack. Utilizing a proven, time-tested shape, our Classico boards do not compromise or cut corners: all Classico Series boards come with an EPS Core and 3 stringers for durability. This series offers exceptional value to both beginning and advanced surfers looking for a versatile addition to their quivers.  In 2024, we've improved upon the original Classico series by adding a Center Carry Handle for easy transport and a top-loading leash plug for simple leash attachment.  These enhancements make our Classico series some of the best value foam surfboards available today.

Choosing an Aventuras foam surfboard means investing in quality, durability, and a classic design with rad colors that will turn heads in the lineup. With over 40 years of collective experience building foam bodyboards and surfboards, our team knows what surfers are looking for in a foam surfboard and we deliver a top-notch experience at a high-value price.