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Surfboard Wax  

Surfboard wax plays a critical role in the surfing experience. For those with soft-top surfboards, Sticky Bumps soft-top wax offers a special formula that has higher thermal resistance during application, preventing the dreaded soft-top smear without the use of Basecoat. Although Aventuras surfboards do not require wax, those looking to surf bigger waves or pull off high-performance moves may opt for applying some wax to increase grip strength. 

What sets our soft-top surf wax apart is not just superior quality but also our commitment to providing products and customer service that elevate your surfing experience. By choosing this surfboard wax, you're not only getting an outstanding product but also the expertise and passion of our team that is dedicated to helping you maximize your enjoyment of your foam surfboard. 

We are proud to offer Sticky Bumps Soft Top Wax.  Formulated specifically for foam decks which create more friction when using / applying surf wax – this new Sticky Bumps formula is ideal for use with all Foam Surfboards. 

Opt for our soft-top surfboard wax when you’re looking to paddle out in bigger surf or want to achieve next-level performance in all conditions. Contact us today to learn more about our catalog of products and enhance your surfing experience.