Longboard Surfboards 

Our HD Series longboards raise the bar with an eye-catching slick skin design for an edgier style and a removable, 2+1 fin system for versatility. Our HD longboard surfboards are more than just surfing equipment; these boards represent the independent spirit of California surf culture and were designed to make an impression in the water. Soft-top surfboards, renowned for their durability and safety, offer both beginners and experienced surfers a forgiving platform to develop their skills or just have a fun day in small to medium waves. Aventuras HD foam longboard surfboards offer stability, buoyancy, and safety with their soft exterior cushion. 

Building on our foundation of solid construction and superior grip, the 2024 HD Series takes performance and style to the next level, adding a 2+1 removable fin system with single center fin and we've added more volume to the shape for next-level stability. In addition to 3 traditional longboard sizes, we’ve added the 6'6" Mid-Length, a wide yet agile shape offering both the stability of a larger board and serious shredding capability.

When you choose an Aventuras HD Series foam longboard surfboard, you’re choosing a soft-top board that was built without compromise. Our commitment to quality and performance ensures that each longboard we sell meets the exacting standards of surfers. Contact us to elevate your surfing with a board that's built to last, perform, and inspire.