At Aventuras, we feel incredibly fortunate to work in the surf industry and to have access to clean, safe oceans to enjoy year-round.  We're also grateful for the freedoms we enjoy and recognize the heavy cost that so many military veterans, first responders and their families have paid to protect our country.  So it's our privilege to give back and make a positive impact every day.  Here's a little bit more about the organizations we support, why we support them and our impact commitments over the coming years:


It is estimated that over 33 billion pounds of trash enter our oceans every year.  This pollution has obvious effects such as degrading the natural beauty of our coastlines and less obvious but severely negative effects, such as ecosystem destruction.  As surfers and people who regularly enjoy the ocean with our families, we can't accept this, so we're doing something about it.  4ocean is a Certified B (Public Benefit) Corporation with a simple mission: to clean as much trash as possible from our oceans.  Since 2017, 4ocean has removed over 36 million pounds of trash from the earth's waterways and their impact is growing significantly every year, with large corporate partners joining the effort by the week.  


Our Commitment: for every surfboard we sell, 4ocean will remove 4 pounds of trash from the ocean.  This is equivalent to 64 empty plastic water bottles.  As soon as a board is purchased from our online shop, we immediately purchase 4 pounds of ocean cleanup credits and then 4ocean (literally) does the heavy lifting.  And we're not stopping there: our goal is to remove 1 pound of trash for every 1 pound of plastic used in our surfboards by 2028.  This is a significant financial commitment for our business, representing over 2% of our gross sales.



Anyone who's gone surfing at least a few times knows the feeling: from the incredible rush of catching a great wave, experiencing firsthand the power of the ocean or even watching dolphins swim by, surfing has a healing effect on us.  The team at AmpSurf knows this and since 2003 they've been working to share the positive physical and mental health impacts of surfing with some of our nation's greatest heroes: disabled veterans and first responders.  AmpSurf uses Adaptive Surf Therapy to train these deserving people in the way that works best for them in light of their physical limitations.  We love what AmpSurf is doing and we're committed to helping out however we can.


Our Commitment: we will donate 1 surfboard and 1 surf leash every month, to help AmpSurf provide surf training to disabled veterans and first responders.  As our business grows, we will increase this commitment over time.